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Course Changes

Adding a Class

You can add classes to your schedule up through the 10th day of each quarter. 

Up through the second day, you can use either your dashboard in ctcLink (click on the "ctcLink Login" tile to go to your dashboard), or turn in a completed Course Change Form to the registration office.  

After the third day of the quarter, you will need to have the instructor's permission on the Course Change Form to add a class.  You will not be able to add a class through Web Registration after the second day.  

If you add a class after the normal tuition deadline, you will have two business days to pay any additional tuition and fees associated with your new class.

Dropping a Class

You may drop a class until the end of the 35th day of instruction in Fall, Winter and Spring quarters, and 30 days in Summer quarter.  See the Academic Calendar for specific deadlines.  As with adding a class, you may use either your dashboard in ctcLink (click on the "ctcLink Login" tile to go to your dashboard), or a Course Change Form to withdraw from one of your classes. 

Courses dropped during the first 10 days of a quarter are not included on your transcript.  Those dropped after the 10th day will be recorded with a "W" on your transcript.  Remember that officially dropping out of class is the student's responsibility.  DO NOT assume that if you stop attending you will automatically be dropped from the class.  If you do not attend and do not drop the class, you will receive a failing grade at the end of the quarter.

If you are receiving financial aid, dropping a class could adversely effect your award status.  Make sure to check with the financial aid office (682-6810) to verify the impact of withdrawing from any classes.

Withdrawals from short courses, symposiums, workshops, etc., must be completed before the closing session.

Auditing a Class

You may choose to audit a class. An audit exempts you from examinations, but the instructor may require reasonable attendance and class participation.  No college credit is received for an audited course, and it will not be accepted as a prerequisite for any other class.  The cost of the class will be the same is if it were taken for credit.

Changes from audit to credit are permitted only through the 10th day of the quarter.

Changes from credit to audit are permitted through the 30th day of the quarter.  The instructor's written approval is required on a Course Change Form after the fifth day of instruction.

Administrative Withdrawals

The administrative withdrawal procedure at WVC permits course withdrawal without student consent, when the student has neither attended the class nor notified the instructor by the end of the second class meeting.  Once this condition has been met, the withdrawal may be processed unless the student contacts the instructor or attends class by the second class meeting.

Administrative withdrawals may also take place in accordance with other WVC policies.  These other types of withdrawals include but are not limited to withdrawal for violation of the student code of conduct, withdrawal for clinical non-performance in an allied health science program, and withdrawal for failure to complete a course or program prerequisite.