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Motor Pool

Rental Procedures: Please contact SRC Manager for inquiries on renting any ASWVC Motor Pool Vehicle. All paperwork, fleet card logs, receipts, and any additional forms must be submitted via email:  and communicated by phone: (509) 682-6942. Failure to do so will result in additional departments fees and lost privileges in using state vehicles. 


WVC Motor Pool is operated out of the Student Recreation Center (SRC) and provides safe and reliable rental vehicles to WVC staff, faculty, and students. 

Washington state requires all 12-15 passenger van certified drivers to complete Washington State Department of Enterprise Services packet every year and watch "Coaching the Van Driver II" video at least one time. 

These forms need to be filled out completely and returned to the Motor Pool office before initial operation of the van. A copy of the signed form will be maintained on file in the Motor Pool office and a copy will be provided to the driver if so desired. If you are a first-time user, these statement forms will be given to each driver at the time of the tutorial. If you are renewing your certification, follow the steps under driver re-certification and submit forms to Motor Pool.

Below are the required materials that you must provide to ASWVC Motor Pool at the Student Rec Center prior to operating vehicle(s). Please complete motor pool process one week prior to departure date.  

Driver Certification

  1. Provide a copy of a valid driver’s license             󠄀
  2. Complete Washington State Department of Enterprise Services/WVC Motor Pool packet (click here)          
  3. Watch “Coaching the Van Driver II” video, available at the Student Rec Center (click here)
    • Only needs to be watched one time

Driver Re-Certification

The following information must be submitted every academic year to operate ASWVC Motor Pool vehicle(s). 

  1. Provide a copy of a valid driver’s license             󠄀
  2. Complete Washington State Department of Enterprise Services/WVC Motor Pool packet (click here)             󠄀

If you don’t know if you’re a certified driver, contact the Student Rec Center at (509)682-6942.

Reserving The Vans

  1. Trip inquiry made by email or over the phone                                             󠄀
  2. Complete Prior Trip Approval Form and get the necessary signatures from your department (click here) 󠄀
  3. Complete Release of Liability from students (non-Instruction trips) 󠄀

Once you have completed the ASWVC Motor Pool Process, please coordinate with Motor Pool staff to pick-up keys at the Student Rec Center. Please return keys, Fleet Card Log and Vehicle Checklist to the Student Rec Center. If unable to return to the Student Rec Center (SRC), please return keys to SRC dropbox outside building.

Additional Details 


You can check vehicle availability by emailing If a vehicle is not available, call for additional information, 509-682-6942.


When the trip is completed, the driver will return the vehicle to the Motor Pool parking lot.  Complete the mileage form with the starting and ending mileage, time, date, and attach receipts. Place the form and keys into the Student Rec Center outdoor key box . If it’s during business hours, the driver can return the keys to the Student Rec Center office. 

  • Return the vehicle keys with the completed Fleet Card Log to the SRC immediately upon return.
  • Return the vehicles free of debris/garbage
  • Return the vehicles with a full tank of gas.
  • Return the vehicles to the designated "Van Parking" spot
  • Report any mechanical problems and/or damage
  • IMPORTANT: A $25 fine will be charged for vehicles that are returned dirty, lacking complete Fleet Card Log info, and/or have less than the stated fuel level. An Additional $25 fine will be charged for vehicle keys that are not submitted within 8 hours of return.
  • Swipe fleet card at the pump or inside the station
  • Enter Pin#, print receipt, and attach to fleet card log.
  • Download Voyager Mobile App to find accepted gas station locations. For help call 1-800-987-6591.

IMPORTANT: Fleet cards will not work at Safeway gas stations.  

  • Fill out name, department, date of trip, budget code, van number, start/end odometer reading, and total mileage.
  • Attach all receipts and log information in Fleet Card Log table.
  • If you are involved in any type of accident, please fill out the Auto Accident Report Form located in the binder.
  • Wenatchee Valley College is insured through the State of Washington Local Government and Nonprofit Self-Insurance (LGSI) Program.
  • When returning to campus, immediately contact the dean of your department and the Administration Department at 509-682-6514 to inform them about the accident and to complete additional documentation.
  • Van drivers must be employed in a professional position at WVC, have a valid Washington State Driver’s License on file, have read the guidelines for ASWVC vehicle usage, and completed the Van Safety Orientation before operating the vans.                                                                                                                
  • Vehicle keys are checked out from, and returned to the Student Recreation Center (SRC)

Mileage will be charged to the budget noted from the Fleet Card Log.