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Career Connected Learning & Internships

Experiential Learning is a learning opportunity that takes you beyond the classroom to apply and grow your knowledge. A combination of education and experience will help to build your resume, increase networking opportunities, gain references, and more. Examples of experiential learning activities:

  • Informational Interview - A conversation or meeting between you and a professional in a field that interests you. This is an opportunity to ask questions about what a job is like and how that person got there.  

  • Job Shadow -  An opportunity to spend time observing a professional on the job in order to explore career fields of interest and get a realistic view of what a day on the job is really like.

  • Mentorship -  A relationship between an experienced professional and a student or person exploring or studying for a specific career. The mentor and mentee usually have multiple meetings over a period of time.

  • Internship -  An internship is a professional work experience related directly to your area of study and has specific objectives and outcomes. Internships are more common closer to your expected graduation. These opportunities may be paid or unpaid.

  • Cooperative Work Experience -  Credit for specific work experience combined with support activities. Students may earn 1 credit per 50 hours of work experience. 

    For more information about experiential learning opportunities at Wenatchee Valley College contact Randy Mitchell at