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Student Life

We are currently open Monday through Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm.  

Mission Statement:

Student Life exists to engage and empower our diverse and intersectional student population by fostering a community that values social justice, equity, and inclusion. We strive to support Latinx students, and students of every background, to achieve their current and future goals.


Student Life is designed to meet interests beyond the classroom through co-curricular activities. These activities and services enhance the learning that occurs inside the classroom, as well as play an important role in student retention, academic success and cognitive development.

Student Life Staff

Cody Rogers
Cody Rogers

Director of 
Student Life
(509) 682-6868

Michelle Cannaday
Michelle Cannaday

Residence Life 
(509) 682-6706

Webpage: Residence Hall

Rob Villa
Roberto Villa

Student Leadership &
Engagement Coordinator
(509) 682-6867

Webpage: Student Clubs


Adam Todd-Thomas

Adam Todd-Thomas

Women's Head Basketball Coach
& Assistant SRC Manager
(509) 682-6464

Webpage: Student Rec Center

Edith Gomez

Edith Gomez

Campus Life & Diversity
 Coordinator -
Omak Campus
(509) 422-7814

Webpage: Omak Campus Life

Dayla Culp

Dayla Culp

Program Assistant
at Omak

Webpage: Omak Campus Life


Frequently Asked Questions:

Student ID Cards

  • Be enrolled in courses for the current quarter
  • Bring some form of picture ID to the Campus Life office
    •  Driver's license
    • Passport
    • High School ID card
    • Something with both your picture and name on it
  • The Student ID card serves as a form of picture ID
  • You can use the card to get into campus events for free
    • The Student Senate, as well as Athletics, have events and games throughout the year.
  • It is used in combination with the bus sticker to allow you to ride for free
  • It is mandatory to have if you are going to use the Student Recreation Center (SRC)
  • You may find various business around town offer a student discount!

The Student ID card is valid for as long as you are a student!

Even if you take a quarter or two off...or a year off, once you return your ID card is valid again.

If you have already gotten a Student ID card and you need it replaced, you will need to pay for a replacement at the Cashier Department. Then bring the receipt to the Campus Life office and we can print a new one!

If  the name on your Student ID card has changed bring the card to the Campus Life office with a picture ID (picture ID must show current legal name).

Once we verify your enrollment and current name, we will reprint your SID card for free!


Bus Passes

The bus pass is given out by the Campus Life office in Van Tassell. In order to qualify for the bus pass, students must be enrolled in classes for the current quarter.

The bus pass is a quarterly sticker that is placed on your Student ID card (you must have your card with you in order to receive the sticker). If you do not yet have a Student ID card, we can provide one to you at the time that we give you the bus pass.


Bus pass stickers are given out beginning the week before the quarter begins, and the sticker is good for the quarter for which you receive it, as well as the break between quarters.

Each quarter the color of the sticker changes, as well as the notation of "fall", "winter", etc. To update your bus pass sticker, come to the Campus Life office in Van Tassell. Once we verify your enrollment, we will provide a new sticker.


If the bus pass sticker gets damaged or comes off your Student ID card (often by going through the washing machine!), we will provide a new sticker. Just bring in your Student ID card.


Lost & Found

Lost and found is managed by the Campus Life office in Van Tassell.

Our office is on your right (if you come through the front doors), just before you go down the hallway. If you come through the side doors, head towards the Student Lounge, we are on the left as you get to the end of the hallway.

You can either call us at 509-682-6860, or you can come in and inquire about an item that you lost.

We keep a database of all items that we receive, as well as those that are reported lost. We will look for your item in our database, and in our Lost & Found cabinet. If we locate it, we will pass that to you (or if you are on the phone, we will let you know it is in our office). If we do not have your item, we will collect a little information from you including:

  • Your first and last name
  • The last location that you remember having it (if possible)
  • A description of your item - be thorough, tell us the color, material it's made of, any identifying features (such as stickers, scratches, etc.)
  • Contact information - this is so we can let you know if it comes in

If you locate your item, we would appreciate if you let us know so that we can remove you from our list.

If you find something on campus, and you don't know who it belongs to, we would appreciate it if you would  drop it off at the Campus Life office in Van Tassell.

We keep a database of items that are turned in so that if someone is looking for it, we can let them know we have it.

The only thing we would like to know from you, is where you found it. This is sometimes helpful in reuniting the item with the owner.