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Top 10 Tips for College Success

Ask for help

Take advantage of the student support services available to you at WVC. Meet with your instructors outside of class, visit the Math Center (second floor of Wenatchi Hall), and stop by the WriteLab (Sexton Hall). Also, become familiar with the online and on campus library services and library staff.

Meet with your Faculty Advisor regularly

Although you are responsible for tracking your own degree progress, your Faculty Advisor is available to assist you with academic planning, course selection, scheduling, developing and clarifying educational goals, and the transfer process. Additionally, utilize the Planner tool in ctcLink to plan out a tentative schedule for the year and then review this plan with your Faculty Advisor.

Request a credit evaluation

One to two quarters before you plan to graduate, request an official credit evaluation from the Admissions/Registration Office. Completing a credit evaluation ensures that you are on track to graduate in the time frame you anticipated and helps to answer your questions about what you have left to do before you graduate.

Check your email often

This is the primary mode of communication with the college. It is important to check your  email on a regular basis for information from Financial Aid, Registration, instructors, College Navigators, and more.

Show up for the first day of class

Your instructors will explain their expectations, grading and attendance policy, and class requirements the first day. Plus instructors have the option to drop you if you do not attend the first and second day.

Track your academic progress

If your GPA falls below at 2.0 (C), there are consequences. Patterns of low grades may result in academic suspension and financial aid complications. If you receive a low grade in a specific class, it is recommended (possibly required), that you retake the class. WVC graduates must earn a 2.0 GPA or higher.

Pay tuition by the due date

Tuition is always due two weeks before classes begin. If you do not pay on time, you may be dropped from classes.

Enroll in classes on time

Sign up as close to your assigned time as possible. Delaying this process will limit course selection.

Update your contact information

Keep your mailing address, email address, and phone number up-to-date so WVC can contact you if necessary.

Withdraw from classes if necessary

If you want to quit taking a class or all your classes, you must officially withdraw. You cannot just stop attending. Failure to withdraw may result in a low grade on your college transcript. If you are on financial aid, you should speak to the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing