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Any WVC student account with a balance not covered by financial aid, third party payment or on a payment plan in an active term is subject to be dropped for non-payment and receive an overdue fee account hold. This hold restricts both enrollment.

WVC collection of a student's account is initiated around 45 days after the start of the semester.

The College will make a reasonable attempt to notify the student of the status of the account and impending collection action. While this contact usually is in the form of a letter, notification may also be made by telephone and/or email.

Also, at this time an additional hold will be placed on the account, referencing that it is now in WVC Delinquent Accounts. Due to a past-due balance any pre-enrolled courses in an upcoming term will be dropped. Once the past due balance has been resolved a student may reenroll into any available courses.

If an individual fails to resolve the balance within one semester, the debt will be placed with an outside collection agency, where the student is responsible for all collections costs up to 20% of the balance.

With this placement, the account can only be paid for at the referred agency by going to Upon submission to a collection agency, individuals may be reported to one or more nationally recognized credit reporting bureaus.

If an account was reported to the collection agency in error, the collection agency will be notified within 30 days of the date that the College receives notification of the error.

Account balances placed with the agency and then returned to WVC as uncollectible, may be paid at WVC. However, WVC will only accept the balance paid in full, paid with guaranteed funds.


Scan this QR code to easily go to Collection Agency's site:            QR code for collection agency