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Financial Aid Policies

This page contains information regarding some of the most common financial aid policy questions. For additional policy information, please see the Refunds Policy and Satisfactory Academic Policy pages. The links can be found in the menu to the right, under Policies.

Tuition Payments: Financial aid is applied to your tuition a few days before the quarter starts. You will not see your scholarships, tuition waivers, or financial aid applied on your student account until that time.  If you have been awarded financial aid or other resources , you will not be dropped from your classes.  However, if you have not been awarded financial aid or have a block on your financial aid, you will need to make payment arrangements with the cashier office.  Always feel free to contact the financial aid office to check on your status. 

Disbursements:  Financial aid checks are mailed during the first week of the quarter.  Financial aid is first applied to tuition charges (this takes place a few days before the quarter starts) and any remaining funds are mailed to the student.  If you are enrolled in less than 12 credits for the quarter and you do not receive an expected check, contact the financial aid office for an adjustment to your award. 

Repeat Coursework: Students can only count credits of a repeated course once towards their financial aid eligibility if they had already received prior credit for the course.  For example; if a student takes a Math 101 classes and receives a D grade and wants to take the class again, financial aid will only pay for the repeat one more time.  If the student receives a D grade again, they can repeat the course, but cannot count it towards credits used in determining financial aid eligibility.

Withdrawals: If a student has received financial aid and has decided to withdraw from the quarter, they must officially withdraw from their classes either online at the WVC website or in person at the Registration office.  This will prevent them from receiving failing grades at the end of the quarter.