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Email Communication

Please read this page carefully, as it contains information you will need to know regarding any financial aid processing or disbursements.

The financial aid office's primary means of communicating important information to students is through their WVC issued email account. Email accounts are established for financial aid students if the financial aid office has received their Federal Student Aid Report (FAFSA results) and the student has been admitted to the college. In order to receive communications from the financial aid office, a student must apply for admission to WVC. The email address that students will receive emails from the financial aid office will be; which is our general email contact.  The subject line will usually include the words "Financial Aid".

Important facts to know:

  1. Most of our communication to students will be by email to the WVC student email account. 

    The student technology page has additional information on accessing your student email account, including the email format, your password, and off-campus access. Please visit the student technology page: prior to attempting to access your email, and if you have questions on accessing your account. This page explains who to contact for technical assistance.

  2. Students will be responsible for checking their student email on a frequent and consistent basis to remain informed of WVC communications, as certain communications may be time sensitive. In addition students are expected to follow up on any request for information and/or documentation required for processing of financial aid. Students who fail to check their email on a regular basis are responsible for any resulting consequences.

  3. Once your student email account has been imported to our financial aid system, we will not change the default e-mail from your student account to a personal one. Many students include a personal email address when filling out the FAFSA. However, the student account is on a secured server, which is why we chose to use that one. If you receive an email letter from us addressed to your personal email account, please contact us, and we will research to find out what is preventing your student email from loading into the financial aid system.

ON CAMPUS email access:  Log on to campus computers using your username and password to access your Outlook email account under the Start Menu via Microsoft Office.

OFF CAMPUS email access: You can access your email off campus by going to the WVC homepage ( and use the "Quick Jump", drop down menu to access the Student Email link, or go directly to

*We are not able to assist students in forwarding to a personal email account.* You will need to work with your email provider to do this. In making these delivery choices, students are responsible for selecting the email service(s) they most frequently use to ensure they receive and read official college communications in a timely manner.

Most of our forms can now be downloaded from our website. If you are directed to our website to download a form, and you have no internet access, and/or no ability to print any requested forms, you may request a copy of the form from our office. All documents should be signed, dated and have your name and student number on them.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL financial aid checks and any postal mail correspondence that may be sent will be sent to the address on file with the Registration Office. Please keep your address and phone number current.

We hope that the use of e-mail communication enables us to better serve you and help make the financial aid process a bit easier as well. If you have questions, please contact our office in person, by e-mail at or by phone at (509) 682-6810 or toll-free at 1-877-WVC4YOU (982-4968). Thank you.