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Student Tuition Easy Payment Plan (STEPP)

The Student Tuition Easy Payment Plan (STEPP) lets you pay tuition and fees at your own pace. A more flexible payment schedule can help you afford college and make budgeting simpler.

How it works:

  1. Enroll in STEPP Online. If you have any questions, call (509) 682-6500. 
  2. Make your first payment at the time of enrollment. At the time of enrollment, you must pay one third (1/3) of your total tuition and fees for the quarter, plus a quarterly, nonrefundable enrollment fee of $25.
  3. Continue making payments at your convenience. Payments can be made at any time throughout the quarter and in any amount. Payments must be made over the phone at (509) 682-6500 or by emailing
  4. Pay off all tuition and fees by the final deadline. Complete all payments by the final deadline of the quarter. If you miss this deadline, a nonrefundable late charge of $40 will be added to unpaid accounts the next business day after the due date. 
  5. Re-enroll for the next quarter. If you’re taking classes again next quarter, you will need to re-enroll by the tuition due date for the next quarter.

How to sign up:

Login to MyWVC 2.0 and follow the steps below: 

What to know about STEPP:

  • Enrollment window: The Tuition Payment Plan is available for students each quarter through the fifth business day of the quarter.
  • What it covers: The Tuition Payment Plan applies only to tuition and required class fees not covered by financial aid or third party sponsorship.
  • Eligibility: Students enrolled in a minimum of five credits and owing at least $200 are eligible.
  • Schedule changes may cause changes to tuition and fees due. Please contact the Cashier's Office to have your Tuition Payment Plan adjusted for any revision to your original credit load.
  • Dropping or withdrawing from classes: You may still owe tuition after dropping or withdrawing from classes. The official college refund policy applies and tuition balances will be determined based upon the refund period. Tuition and fees paid under the Tuition Payment Plan may be forfeited if a student drops classes during the refund period. Unpaid service (late) fees will be deducted from refunds processed.
  • Payment reminders will be sent to the student’s WVC-issued email address.