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Refund Policy

A refund of tuition and fees, exclusive of any registration fee, will be made in compliance with the following policy, except where federal regulations supersede, when a student withdraws from college or class(es).  Students should apply for any refund through the admissions office.  This policy is subject to change without notice by the WVC Board of Trustees. 

Withdrawal on or before the fifth business day of the quarter.

100% refund

Withdrawal after the fifth day and through the 20th business day of the quarter (for fall, winter and spring quarters only).

50% refund (fall, winter, spring quarters)

Withdrawal after the fifth day and through the 16th business day for summer quarter only.

50% refund (summer quarter)

Classes or programs cancelled by WVC.

100% refund

Withdrawal from a continuing education course before class begins.

100% refund

Note:  After a continuing education class begins, any requests for a refund must be made  in writing to the continuing education director.