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Course Formats

Wenatchee Valley College uses a variety of instructional technologies to accommodate various learning preferences and busy schedules, increase choices, and eliminate some of the confines of time and distance. WVC course delivery options are listed below:

A traditional style of course delivery in which all classroom instruction takes place on campus at set hours and days of the week and for which there are attendance expectations. Most WVC face‐to‐face courses use some kind of instructional technology (ex: Canvas and email, both of which require the internet).
Most (if not all) instruction for this course format takes place on the internet. Online courses use a web‐based course management system like Canvas. Within the online classroom students submit assignments, interact with one another, and communicate with their course instructor electronically. Online courses are not self‐paced; they follow a weekly schedule and academic calendar. However, the flexibility comes via one's ability to manage their learning time as long as course work is completed by predefined due dates.
These courses combine face‐to‐face meetings with an independent, online component. For example, a traditional 5‐credit course will usually meet 5 times per week, but when converted into a hybrid course, half of those weekly sessions might be replaced by work done independently in an online course management system (CMS) like Canvas. A student in a hybrid course communicates with the instructor and peers in the same way as in an online course (ex: email, discussion forums, and chat).


* Note: Online courses apply the same policies concerning admission requirements, applicable student learning objectives, and academic rigor as on‐campus courses.