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Tuition & Fees Related to Online Courses


  • Some distance learning courses taught at Wenatchee Valley College are coded as "VC" while others are coded at "WO."  Courses sections coded with "VC" use the same tuition schedule as other classes taught on campus.
  • Distance courses through WashingtonOnline (section code WO) are considered self-support.  This means that students pay a full tuition rate regardless of the number of credits they take. Self-support courses have no reduction in per credit tuition if you take over 10 credits as with other WVC classes. See complete WVC Fee Schedule.

 Additional Fees

  • Online Courses - $8.00 per credit ($40 for a five-credit class.) This fee applies to both WVC Online (section code VC) and WashingtonOnline (section code WO) classes.
  • Telecourses – Student pay license/tape rental fee per course.  
  • In addition to fees listed above, distance students may be charged fees applicable to classes taught on campus. See a complete list of Other Fees.