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Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) is a customized browser that increases the security of online testing in Canvas. It is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Tests designed to be taken in Respondus LDB cannot be accessed through a standard web browser. 

Respondus LDB functions much like like a standard browser, but some options have been removed or work differently to offer a robust and secure testing environment. When students use Respondus LDB to take a Canvas test, they are unable to print, copy, go to another website or access other applications, or close a test until it is submitted for grading.

Getting Started:

  • Check ahead with your instructor to determine whether or not the test will require a proctor as you may need to schedule an appointment with them in order to take the test. 
  • Check ahead with your instructor if the test requires Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB)
  • Tests designed to be taken in Respondus LDB cannot be accessed through a standard web browser such as
  • Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome.
  • Respondus LockDown Browser  is already installed on most computer labs on campus including Test
  • Proctoring Center.
  • Download and install Respondus LDB on your personal computer. If it is already installed on your computer, you don't need to download it again. Otherwise, click download and follow on the screen instructions to
  • install it. Watch this 2.5 minute installation video (for both Windows and Mac users). 

Taking the Test:

  • Close all programs (you will not have access to other programs while taking the test).
  • Locate the Respondus LockDown Browser shortcut on the desktop and double click it (for Macintosh users, launch LockDown Browser from the application folder).
  • If you are prompted to close blocked programs, choose "yes."
  • Log in to your Canvas course.
  • Navigate to the test or quiz you want to take.
  • Reminder: Once a quiz has been started with Respondus LDB, you cannot exit until the Submit Answers button is clicked.


  • Check the Student and Instructor Quick Start Guides
  • If you have problems downloading or installing Respondus LDB watch this 2.5 minute installation video tutorial for both Windows and Mac users. You can also contact the WVC Help Desk:, or 509.682.6550 (weekdays only).
  • If you are having trouble taking an assessment with Respondus LDB, contact your instructor, or the Teaching & Learning Success Center Coordinator: 509.682.6718.