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Virtual Desktop

Did you know that from your home you can use virtual desktop to access your full WVC desktop, including Microsoft Office and the files you saved on campus? Students and faculty may now log in from any computer or mobile device using either a VMware application or a browser. Students in classes requiring specialized software may see additional applications.

Any WVC student and faculty member.
Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and various supporting applications such as Java, Quicktime, Silverlight, and Flash. Students in classes requiring specialized software may see additional applications.
You need a computer or a mobile device connected to the internet. You will preferably install VMware virtual desktop software on your computer or mobile device (one time installation). Alternatively you can run virtual desktop within a browser (
It is recommended to install the VMware application if at all possible. It is faster and it supports your device peripherals (ex: USB, speakers, webcam, and local printer). The browser version may serve as a substitute if installing the application is not an option.

Choose Install VMWare Horizon Client. After the client is installed, locate the shortcut on your computer and run the application.

The name of the connection server is An icon labeled will be created in the app. Click on the icon to connect to the server.

Enter your student or staff username and network password. This will be the same one you use to log into a campus PC. The username will have the following format: First letter of your first name, your last name, and if a student - the last 4 number of your ctcLink ID. Example: jdoe4325.

Choose STUDENT or WVCADMIN. Login. You will then have access to the desktops you have a right to have access to. Click on the desired desktop icon.

You will be directed to your desktop.

VMware virtual desktop software works with modern versions of all major workstation and mobile operating systems, including Windows, Windows Phone, Mac, iOS (iPhones and iPads), Android (tablets and phones), and Kindle Fire. Chromebooks must use the browser-based tool.
You can install VMware Horizon View client on most computers that were sold in recent years. If your system is not supported you can always try to run virtual desktop within a browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.
Yes – The faster your internet is, the better.
It's fast - The speed of your virtual desktop can easily exceed the speed of the computer you're using it on. Plus, you can use your Windows desktop on a tablet or smartphone! But, the response time is dependent on the speed of your internet connection.
Contact Helpdesk at 509-682-6550 or email: