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President's biography

About Dr. Faimous Harrison

Faimous Harriosn, president

Dr. Faimous Harrison took office as the thirteenth president of Wenatchee Valley College on Jan. 3, 2023.

Dr. Harrison has over thirty-three years of broad-based knowledge as a faculty member, researcher, student services administrator, supervisor, community, alumni, industry, and elected official engagement officer. In his previous roles as dean of the Stockton campus for California State University, Stanislaus, and as regional director for Campuses and Community Partnerships at Central Washington University, he served as the chief onsite academic and administrative officer.

During his tenure as faculty, Dr. Harrison taught more than 100 college classes and has worked with individuals, organizations, and communities within the United States and abroad. From 1990-2013, Dr. Harrison served as a supervisor, faculty, and administrative roles within the Seattle College District and Edmonds College and was an adjunct faculty or presenter at various universities. While serving as faculty and a director, he was voted on by his peers and students as the student services and lifetime administrator of the year, two years in a row, one of his proudest student-centered accomplishments.

He has extensive public-public and public-private partnership experiences and was a former owner of a successful business firm. As a Rotary International Group Study Exchange fellow, Harrison participated in the world's eradication of polio, clean water, literacy education, and various socioeconomic disparity, inequality, and wellness initiatives while living with host families in India. In 2008, his team was one of the North American conference presenters in Victoria, British Columbia.

Dr. Harrison has also served as the past president, vice president, two-time chair of research, and eleven-year member of the research division of the National Association of Branch Campus Administrators, the premier multi-campus and branch-campus national association.

He has a doctorate in higher education administration and leadership from Oregon State University, a Master of Science in physical education, pedagogy, and leadership from Seattle Pacific University, and a Bachelor of Science in sociology from the University of Washington.