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WVC at Omak Student Government

                                                   2023 - 2024 Student Senate 

 Meeting Time - Spring Quarter 2024 

Every Monday  from 1:00 pm-2:00 pm - Administration Building - Campus Life Conference Room (122). If you would like to be added to the Senate agenda, please email Edith Gomez ( at least a week in advance.  Thank you. 

ASWVCO (Associated Students of Wenatchee Valley College at Omak) 

The ASWVCO is a self-governing student organization. This association functions according to the policies and regulations adopted by the WVC Board of Trustees.  ASWVCO Student Senate sponsors the majority of all student events, activities and projects on the Omak Campus. The Student Senate also provides a liaison between students and the college administration and faculty regarding activities, student clubs and policies. 

 team photo


Keilahni   Megan
Keilahni Pelton
Vice President

Megan Heinlen

Mercedez Weeks

Amber Paige
Mercedez Weeks
Director Public Relations
Amber Watson
Student Ambassador 
Paige Wirth
Student Ambassador 
  Edith Gomez Dayla
Director Campus Activities 
Edith Gomez
Dayla Culp
Program Assistant 





2017 Omak Student Government Bylaws
ASWVCO Club Handbook (pdf)