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What can you do?

Whether you are a student or employee of WVC, there are many ways that you can practice sustainability on campus. Start with reduce, reuse, repair, redesign, and recycle.

You can:

  • reduce your costs and waste by bringing your reusable water bottle to fill at the hydration stations around campus (see the sustainability map for locations).
  • reduce paper usage by choosing double-sided printing and digital options for document-sharing.
  • reduce food waste by only buying what you can eat and prioritizing eating leftovers.
  • repair items rather than buy new ones or buy second-hand items and then resell or donate them once you no longer need them.
  • ride the bus (passes are free for students and staff), bicycle, skateboard or walk to campus to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • carpool instead of driving individually
  • turn off your engine if you are just sitting in your car, instead of idling.
  • turn off lights when you leave your office or a room where no one else will be.
  • wear a sweater or extra layers rather than turn up the heat in winter to conserve energy.
  • get involved with our organic garden through the Agriculture Club, grow your own produce at home or buy locally grown food at the farmer’s market to reduce food miles.
  • donate food and personal hygiene products to the Knight’s Kupboard to help meet social justice and economic fairness goals of sustainability.
  • learn the rules for recycling, like no plastic bags, no food or liquid or ice, no straws or lids. Then be sure to recycle your paper, cardboard, empty plastic or glass bottles and cans.



Join the student led Plastic Reduction Challenge committee by contacting Joan Qazi @