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Sustainability-related courses

Wenatchee Valley College has a dedicated course focused on sustainability that is offered in Spring and Summer every year:

  • Introduction to Sustainability | GEOG 150
    Geography 150 is a five-credit Social Science transfer course that also meets the cultural diversity requirement. It is offered face-to-face or as an online course and both include a service learning component so students can practice sustainability in their own lives. Contact instructor Joan Qazi at

Here are other WVC courses that include sustainability as an aspect of study:

  • Sustainable Agriculture | AGRI 289
  • Environmental Geology | GEOL 218
  • Society and Natural Resources | NATR 289
  • Environmental Science | BIO 125
  • Northwest Environments | BIO 127
  • Ecology for Majors | BIO 221
  • Forest Resources | ENV 231
  • Economics in Healthcare | NURS 315
  • Health Policy | NURS 330
  • Health Equity in Nursing | NURS 360
  • Community & Public Health Nursing | NURS 430


Learning communities

Learning communities are an effective way to experience the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability and its holistic worldview. Wenatchee Valley College offers two Learning Communities that feature sustainability:

  • NW Nature Writing, a combination of BIO 127 (NW Environments) and ENG 135 (Creative Writing)
  • Form and Function in Nature, a combination of BIO 217 (Ornithology) and ART 110 (Drawing)