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Making documents accessible is an easy-to-learn skill that will make sure everyone can use and read the materials you're creating. 

Below are tools and resources for creating accessible versions of all of the materials you use everyday including frequently asked questions about correct formatting. This information is adapted from the State Board of Community and Technical College's Library of Accessibility Resources.  Many topics and tools that aren't covered here are covered in the course materials and in the Additional Resources section below.

Note: The instructions below show the general steps to take to make documents accessible. The steps may look a little different depending on what operating system you are using and how old it is. The most recent version of Office for Mac and Windows should have all of these accessible formatting options available. If you need additional help making materials accessible, contact us

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Additional Resources

A handful of websites with practical tools and tips, as well as up-to-date reading on accessibility and UDL. You can also check our News & Updates page to see what tools, tips and reading we've shared recently. 

Get help with accessibility

Get in-person help from our accessibility team on campus by contacting Jeannie Henkle (509- 682-6718)

Need accommodations for yourself or someone else? Contact the Student Access manager, 509-682-6854; TTY/TTD 509-682-6853, or 

Accessible Technology

Jeannie Henkle
Teaching & Learning Success Center Coordinator
(509) 682-6718

Student Access/Disability Services

Kristina Li
Manager, Student Access
(509) 682-6854
TTY/TTD 509.682.6853