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Accessibility questions

If you have questions about Accessible Technology, contact Jeannie Henkle, Teaching & Learning Success Center Coordinator, (509) 682-6718, To report an accessibility issue, visit the Report a Problem page

Request accommodation 

For more information on requesting accommodation services, contact Student Access Services(509) 682-6854, TTY/TTD (509) 682-6853, You can also visit our Disability Services page

The Access 360 Team

What is it?

The Access360 project is an effort to move WVC’s accessibility policy, which was adopted in January 2017, into regular practice for administrators, faculty, and staff.

The project is funded by a State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) grant, and the team includes members of each of the aforementioned groups that are expected to adopt and practice accessibility principles in their day-to-day work, specifically: any information that is created by WVC community members and/or communicated electronically to students, staff, faculty, administrators, and members of the general public.

The team is currently working to develop informational sessions and simple, effective training resources to support the learning needs of the WVC community, to establish procurement practices for ensuring the accessibility of new technologies, and more.

Who's a part of it?