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Word documents

Word documents

Microsoft Word documents are covered in Module 2. Here are some of the common accessibility issues that are encountered while creating a Word doc.  The University of Washington is also a good source of information for creating accessible materials: Creating Accessible Documents in Microsoft Word.

From Module 2:

"Sighted viewers can scan a page and use visual cues like larger or bold text to find the section of a document that they want to read. However, for someone using a screen reader, these visual markups are useless – leaving them to navigate word-by-word from the start of the document or webpage until they find the section they want. 

Using styles and headings will allow a screen reader to navigate from section to section, making for a more convenient experience for the user. To create headers in the correct order, do the following:

  • Highlight document title, select Heading 1
  • Highlight section titles, select Heading 2
  • Highlight subsection titles, select Heading 3"

There is also information in Module 2 about modifying the look and style of headings while keeping them accessible. 

Word Headings