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Transitional Studies Classes

Whether your goal is to complete a high school diploma, study for the GED® tests, improve your English language skills, or prepare for college or career success - our classes can help! 

These noncredit classes are offered on the Wenatchee and Omak campuses, and at the SkillSource office in Wenatchee. Day and evening classes are available. Some classes are also available online.

English Language Arts and Acquisition

(combines the instruction of ABE English, Reading, and Writing with English Language Development)

At WVC, whether you are a native or non-native user of English, we have classes at the right level for you, designed to improve your reading, writing, speaking, listening, and grammar use. Our five levels of English classes will help you develop your English skills, complete your high school English requirements, improve your chances of success on the GED® Language Arts test, and prepare you for more success in college-level English classes and your career.

ABE 20 ELA English Level A - Foundational English Language Acquisition for students who want to begin learning English as an additional language; this class is an introduction to the English language and focuses on pronunciation and the most essential reading and writing tasks useful for navigating life in the US 

ABE 21 ELA English Level B - Basic English Language Acquisition for non-native speakers of English who already have some foundational English skills; this class builds students understanding and use of vocabulary, pronunciation, verb tenses, grammar structures, and reading and writing tasks for improving the ease of everyday living in the US

ABE 22 ELA English Level C - Intermediate English Language Acquisition for non-native speakers of English who already have some basic English skills in speaking, reading, and writing, and who wish to improve their writing skills for more career success or for transition into the High School+ Diploma Completion Program; while continuing to develop English pronunciation and fluency, this class focuses on more complex reading and writing tasks to improve English skills for use in college and career settings 

ABE 23 ELA English Level D - Advanced Intermediate English Language Arts for non-native speakers of English who have earned a B- or higher in ABE 22, and for native English speakers who are working toward their High School+ Diploma; this class focuses on reading and writing skills for more success in academic and career settings

ABE 24 ELA English Level E - Advanced English Language Arts for students who have earned a B- or higher in ABE 23 and are working toward their High School+ Diploma or who are wanting to pursue further education or training programs for college or careers; students who earn a B- or higher in this class will be granted permission to enroll in college-level English classes, such as ENGL 101 or OCED 101 or 102


Our three-level Math program incorporates intensive learning activities with the NROC EdReady online learning platform, allowing students to work at home, between classes, or over the weekend to improve their math knowledge and skills more quickly. You'll cover everything from basic operations to algebra, geometry, and more.  These classes are perfect for high school math credit completion, GED® Math test preparation, or enhancing your skills for college or career math.

Digital Literacy

As technology use becomes more important in college, in the workplace, and in our daily lives, understanding the uses and limitations of computers and mobile devices is a skill you need. Our three-level Digital Literacy pathway will develop your problem-solving and critical thinking skills using common applications and concepts. You'll be ready to confidently use technology in college and at your job.

Secondary Preparation for Equivalency Exams and Diplomas (SPEED)

In our SPEED classes, students work on projects, assignments, and presentations in pairs, small groups, or individually to complete credit requirements for high school completion, or to prepare for the GED® Social Studies or Science tests. Because the work is self-paced, this class is "your speed".  Teachers facilitate your projects and also advise you on how to apply your prior life and work experiences for high school credit.

College Learning Communities

These capstone learning events pair an adult basic education professor with a college professor in selected subjects. These classes count not only for high school credit applicable towards a diploma, but also college credit that can be applied towards degrees or certificates here at WVC. Costs for these learning communities vary, and some types of tuition assistance may be available.

For more information on registering for classes, see our Transitional Studies Registration Page.