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Program Description

The drafting certificate is a 45-credit (one-year) certificate. Students will take coursework in AutoCAD, blueprint reading, GIS, survey, math, Excel spreadsheets, and English composition. They will also be required to complete an internship (work experience) as part of the program. The 1-year drafting certificate program has been designed to prepare students to work as civil engineering technicians, entry level drafters, and map/survey technicians.Career Connect Washington logo

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Program Learning Outcomes

The WVC Drafting Technology certificate program provides training for individuals seeking employment as drafting technicians for architects, construction companies, contractors, utilities and engineering firms. Students should be prepared to:

  1. Understand the theory and principles of civil engineering used in design and construction of structures and facilities.
  2. Draft dimensional drawings and design layouts for projects in CAD software.
  3. Review blueprints to determine dimensions of a structure or system.
  4. Collect field data using GPS and other survey methods.
  5. Prepare GIS maps that incorporate field survey data, AutoCAD layers, shapefiles, and digitization.
  6. Communicate with others verbally and in writing and work as a team.
  7. Proficient in basic computer skills such as Windows operating system, word, and excel.

Arius Elvikis

Arius Elvikis
Program Director

Office: Music and Art Center 1528
Phone: 509-682-6783


For more information about careers related to this field, go to My Next Move or the Employment Security Department Web page (scroll through the alphabetical list by occupation, or type the name of an occupation into the search filter, such as civil engineering technicians, drafters, and map/survey technicians).