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The Humanities Department offers a wide-range of courses that seek to enrich and transform students’ lives by allowing them to explore the art, history, philosophy, and literature that is reflective of the human condition. Humanities courses emphasize questions of meaning, value, and significance while critically engaging with an array of humanity’s artistic and intellectual accomplishments.

Students who have successfully completed the courses in the Humanities will be able to:

  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity and devise strategies for independent inquiry.
  • Recognize the aesthetic and formal qualities of artistic, literary, and/or filmic texts.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills by synthesizing information from multiple sources.
  • Analyze texts from historical, cultural, artistic, philosophical, and/or theoretical perspectives.
  • Demonstrate reflective and metacognitive thinking about the humanities.



S. Hartwell Johnson
Humanities Faculty
Phone: 509-682-6723
Office: MET 1225L