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Associate Degrees

Students can complete the first two years of their bachelor's degree at WVC through the Direct Transfer Agreement Degree (Associate of Arts and Science) or the Associate of Science-Transfer Degree programs.

Recent studies show that students who spend their first two years at a community college do as well as or better than students who start out at four-year institutions. A national study at the University of Illinois found transfer degrees from two-year colleges to be a cost-effective alternative that did not sacrifice job market competitiveness or academic excellence.

Why Start Your College Career at WVC?
  • Lower tuition (about half the cost per quarter of four-year state universities)
  • Smaller classes
  • Higher ratio of instructors to students
  • Greater opportunities for one-to-one contact with instructors
  • More chances to participate in extracurricular activities

Associate of Arts and Sciences - Direct Transfer Agreement (AAS-DTA)

A two-year guided study of liberal arts and sciences leads to the associate of arts and sciences degree, commonly referred to as the "transfer degree." Most students who plan to transfer to a university choose this option. The degree is designed specifically to transfer with junior standing to participating colleges and universities in Washington state.

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Associate of Business - Direct Transfer Degree (Business DTA)

The associate in business direct transfer degree (Business DTA) is designed for students transferring in business. The Business DTA is the best choice if you have not yet decided on your school of choice, but want to make sure you have met the entrance requirements for all four-year schools.

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Associate of Science - Transfer Degree (AS-T)

The associate of science-transfer (AS-T) degree is designed for students who want to concentrate on courses required for acceptance into specific majors in natural science, engineering and computer science. This degree allows you to take more courses required for your major than you could take by earning the AAS-DTA degree, allowing for priority admissions consideration. It does not satisfy general education requirements.

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Associate in Nursing-DTA/MRP

WVC offers the pre-licensure nursing program as a career ladder with curriculum designed as an associate degree program. The nursing faculty of WVC view nurses as knowledgeable workers who possess unique skills and specific competencies. The nursing curriculum enables students in the program to achieve the knowledge and competencies that will lead to successful careers in the ever-changing healthcare system.

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Music Direct Transfer Agreement (Music DTA)

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Associate of Technical Science (ATS)

You can earn the associate of technical science (ATS)  by completing a prescribed two-year professional/technical program of 90 credits or more with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (“C” grade) or above. You must earn a minimum of 30 credits at WVC.

The ATS degree is not designed for transfer, although for some ATS degrees, the college has direct transfer agreements with some regional four-year institutions.

We offer a variety of professional/technical programs leading to either an associate of technical science degree or a certificate of completion. These programs are geared toward students who wish to enter certain technical careers in agriculture, business, industry, health and other fields.

Each program includes theoretical instruction and practical skills to develop competency for the workplace. A general education component is included in  professional/technical degree programs to improve skills in communication, computation and human relations. Course requirements are specific to each program and are described in the pages that follow. Some of the programs also include instruction in computer applications. Today’s workplace requires skilled employees with academic, technical and problem-solving abilities. Technical training through WVC can help you succeed in the workplace.

You may earn an associate of technical science degree in the following majors:

•    Accounting
•    Agriculture
•    Automotive Technology
•    Business, General
•    Business Computer Technology
•    Chemical Dependency Studies
•    Computer Technology - Network Administration
•    Criminal Justice
•    Early Childhood Education
•    Environmental Systems and Refrigeration Technology
•    Fire Science
•    Graphic Design
•    Industrial Technology - Aerospace Electronics
•    Industrial Technology - Electronics
•    Industrial Technology - Machining
•    Medical Laboratory Technology
Multi-Occupational Trades (Associate of Technical Science Degree)
•    Natural Resource
•    Radiologic Technology
•    Registered Nursing

Associate in Applied Sciences-Transfer Degree (AAS-T)

The associate in applied science-transfer degree (AAS-T) is designed to build upon the technical courses required for job preparation. In general, technical degrees programs are not designed for transfer to other colleges and universities. However, several four-year colleges and universities have specific bachelor's degree programs that accept AAS-T degrees.

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Engineering Technology Associate in Applied Science-Transfer Degree

Wenatchee Valley College’s Engineering Technology AAS-T is a two-year program geared for today’s high technology-based job market. It closely couples electrical and automation principles with high-level math and science coursework.

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The Washington 45 is a list of those courses that are offered by Washington state community and technical colleges and satisfy general education core requirements at all Washington state public universities.

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