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Art at WVC

Scott Bailey in the World in Motion video The WVC Art Department provides comprehensive art curriculum with extensive offerings in 2- and 3-Dimensional fine arts disciplines, as well as art history, graphic design and digital media. The department proudly welcomes all students with a wide variety of classes that require no previous artistic experience or skills. The skills and perspectives gained in art classes help people to see and experience the world more fully; think spatially and creatively; express themselves in new ways; gain technical facilities; and better understand and appreciate the work of artists around them.

For aspiring fine artists, our curriculum provides a solid art foundation and opportunities to specialize in a range of disciplines, preparing students for successful transfer to four-year institutions or art schools. We aim to provide aspiring artists with the skills to compete in the fine arts, the opportunity to explore and excel in discrete media, and help in developing high quality works of art for portfolios and exhibitions.

The various studio art classes provide hands-on experience making art, always alongside talented instructors who are practicing professionals in their fields. We also offer unique interdisciplinary Learning Community classes, such as Drawing/Ornithology and Drawing/Geology, and an Advanced Painting Seminar that functions as a professional training program for exhibiting contemporary artists.

Those seeking employment in commercial arts will find two programs directed at skills for a variety of Design occupations. The AAS-T in Graphic Design offers comprehensive Graphic Design instruction, preparing students for professional practice in the extended field of graphic design and visual communications. The program prepares graduates for transfer to B.A. programs and employment in various design-related careers in marketing, communication, advertising and related design fields.

The department currently offers a full curriculum of Art classes, including:

  • Art Appreciation
  • Design (2D Design and Color, and 3D Composition)
  • Drawing (Beginning, Advanced and Figure)
  • Painting (I, II, III and Advanced)
  • Sculpture (3D Design, Sculpture I and II)
  • Ceramics (I, II, III and Advanced)
  • Art History (Ancient through Modern)
  • Printmaking (Intaglio, Relief and Monotype)
  • Illustration (I, II, and Scientific Illustration)
  • Graphic Design (10 classes toward AAS-T Degree in Graphic Design)
  • 3D Digital Design (5 quarter certificate for Industrial Design, Animation, Gaming or Architecture)
  • Special topics, independent study courses and noncredit continuing education classes also available in a variety of media.

WVC’s Digital Design Certificate is an introduction to computer graphics, art and design.  Students develop the skills to visualize whatever they can imagine through foundational art classes, bolstered by a suite of design and engineering software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, 3DS Max, AutoCAD, and Solidworks.

By the end of the program, students create a portfolio that demonstrates their skills, creativity, and technical aptitude. WVC’s experienced faculty help students start their journey, whether beginning a career in 3D graphics or drafting, continuing their education, or striking out on their own as a professional creative.

  • ART 132: 3D Digital Design 1
  • ART 133: 3D Digital Design 2
Graphic design student

The WVC Graphic Design program prepares students for professional practice in the extended field of graphic design and visual communications. The program builds a first-year foundation of aesthetic and technical skills covering the principles of design, creative problem solving, design history, photography, and typography. The second year allows students to progress into advanced study of graphic and Web design practices encompassing portfolio building that enables them to put theory to practice. 


Students learn to effectively communicate ideas and information in a variety of traditional, digital, print, packaging, Web, and other media formats. They develop essential skills through practical hands-on experience, real client project work, a focus on professional skills and building a portfolio of work. The program prepares graduates for employment in various design-related industries and fields, including graphic design firms, publishing, advertising, media/printing/editing, animation, or Web design/development. They may pursue careers such as freelance designers, production designers/coordinators, content managers or publishers, marketing communications specialists, or entry-level Web or graphic designers.

WVC art students on the Wenatchee campus may join the Student Arts Association, a student club which conducts activities such as field trips, artist's lectures and workshops.
The MAC Gallery hosts a yearly series of high quality and thought provoking exhibitions of contemporary art by faculty, exceptional students, and invited professional guest artists from around the region. The carefully curated exhibitions and associated events enhance the instruction of the art department and work toward WVC’s mission to provide important cultural opportunities for the community.