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Medical Assistant Program Guide

The WVC Medical Assistant program is offered on both the Wenatchee and Omak campuses. If you are interested in the MA program, start by completing the prerequisites (linked below). Once you have completed all of the prerequisites and have met all of the general requirements, you are eligible to apply to the MA program. The MA program classes are held in the evening M-Th and Saturdays from 8am-5pm.

Prerequisites (PDF)

Fall Start
First Quarter    
MA 110 Medical Office I 5
MA 113 HIV/AIDS Education* 1
MA 115 Clinical Procedures I 7

MA 118

Medical Law and Ethics 2
Second Quarter    
MA 120 Medical Office II: Advanced Office Skills 5
MA 125 Clinical Procedures II 7
MA 111 Body Structure and Function* 5
Third Quarter    
MA 116 Office Communications* 3
MA 112 Pharmacology for Health Care Assistant 5
MA 135 Clinical Procedures III 7
BCT 116 Professional Work Relations 3
Fourth Quarter    
MA 260 Externship for Health Care Assistants 8
MA 265 Externship Seminar 2
  Total Credits for the MA program 60

*These classes may be taken prior to being accepted into the medical assistant program.

**This number does not include prerequisites.