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Work Study and Student Employment

What is work study? 

When you apply for financial aid, work study is one type of aid for which you may qualify. Work study is not applied directly to your tuition account. Instead, you work at a job and receive a paycheck twice a month. Work study positions can be on or off campus. 

The name "work study" is confusing! You can't usually study while you are working at these jobs, but they are jobs designed for students with a flexible schedule that works around your classes. 

All work study openings are part-time positions. The maximum amount of hours and money a student can earn is determined by financial need and funds available. We work to match students with jobs that relate to their career pathway. 

Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1 - Are you eligible for work study funds?

  • Use this form to submit your information to see if you are eligible for funding.
  • Please ensure you indicate which work study positions you are interested in


Step 2 - View openings & apply

  • If you are eligible for funds the Career Center staff will reply to your email with the student employment application attached. Then you can apply for the job openings that are listed below.                                                 
  • In order to apply, you may email the supervisor directly requesting an interview for the work study position. Ensure your email is professional and you may attatch your resume as well. The supervisors email is shown on the job description link.

Step 3 - Interview & paperwork finalization

  • Once interviewed, the supervisor will indicate if they feel you are a good fit. You will then work through the application that was sent to you in step 2. You will also receive a background check. If you wish to go through your application, you may email to set up a time to come in and go through it. 
  • The process of application will also involve a background check and ensuring you have the appropriate I9 Documents.
  • Once submitted, it may take up to a week before your position us finalized and you are able to begin working.

Work Study- Current Openings

Career Center News is sent to all student email accounts. It provides links and contact information for employers that contact the Career Center and are interested in hiring students for jobs and internships. Watch your student email for the most up to date information!